Mikons.com Press Kit

Welcome to the Mikons.com and Mikonoclast Press Kit. Below you will find background information on the company, Mikonoclast; the history of Mikons.com, the Mikons team biographies, fast facts sheet, recent press releases, and articles.

Mikons.com Fast Facts


Mikonoclast, LLC is headquartered in Cedar Park, Texas, and was founded by Mark Smith and Kenna Smith, the creators of Mikons.com, which features the most advanced online vector drawing tool in the world. Mikonoclast, LLC is the parent company of Mikons.com and is managed solely by Mark Smith. Mikons.com offers a new form of self-expression that connects people through visual symbols.


The purpose of Mikons is to be a service and a catalyst for personal self-discovery, self-expression, sharing, acceptance, and community, worldwide.


To give Mikons.com users a fun and easy way to create the symbols that tell their life stories and use them to connect with people anywhere in the world.


Through excellence, leadership, vision, purpose, and execution, Mikonoclast, LLC engenders and esteems the uniqueness and value of everyone involved in the development and use of Mikons.com.


Cedar Park, Texas


Mikonoclast, LLC was founded March 2006.

First Mikons Created

Mark Smith, the originator of the idea, drew the first Mikons using the earliest version of the vector graphic tool designed by Alan Watts. You can find Mark's Mikons as well as all the team members' Mikons on the Web site.




  • The Mikon Machine™, an online vector drawing tool, uses Shockwave
  • XHTML/CSS front end, Web Standards compliant
  • AJAX helps provide enhanced interactivity
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)


  • World’s most advanced online Vector Drawing Tool (and it's FREE)
  • Customizable graphics
  • Create own graphics
  • Personalized tags
  • Transportable graphics to other communities, email, and more
  • Journaling/Blogging
  • New communities that transcend spoken language
  • Personal Mikons Merchandise

For More Information

email showandtell@mikons.com

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The Mikons.com Team

Mark Smith The Idea Man (Founder)

Mark, born and raised in Iowa and resident for his first 24 years, graduated from Iowa State in 1986 with BS in Industrial Engineering and moved to Montana where he attended Montana State and graduated in 1990 with MS in Industrial Engineering. The focus of his studies was Human Factors and Ergonomics, because he truly is fascinated with how people think, work, and interact. Following his studies he co-edited the academic textbook “Sports Equipment Design.”

Mark worked for IBM, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, and Fingerhut after completing his Masters and then started a manufacturing company. An entrepreneur at heart, he has continued his career by starting and aiding the development of several other small businesses.

Mark’s passion for all that he does stems from his desire to aspire for spiritual awareness and love for his beautiful wife, Kenna, and their four children, ages 13-21. Mark loves cycling and growing businesses, which is precisely how Mikons.com got its start.

Kenna Smith The Organizer (Founder)

Kenna began her career in banking working for a small community bank in Colorado and then moving to Austin to work for an Internet Banking software company for the past 12 years. Her current position is a Program Manager for S1 Corporation.

Her calling and love is crisis management and maintaining customer satisfaction. She is a mother of four children. Kenna’s true passion is mission work with children and helping them to embrace opportunities to be successful with life.

Alan Watts Mikon Machine™ Whiz

Alan dreams of ways to help people procrastinate using creative expression.

In 1995, while in college he created the first drawing application on the web. Resembling an Etch-a-Sketch in its crudeness and ability to frustrate, he dubbed it Web-a-Sketch. After a fiery lawsuit resulting in its untimely demise, he soon followed with 16 Color, the first full-featured web-based animation program. With its simple, low-resolution interface, moviemakers created over 40,000 miniature films and participated in the monthly Pixelfest. Alan has licensed his content creation technology to various companies, including Nickelodeon and Mini Cooper.

Randolph Bias The Prof

Randolph received a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and began a 20-year career as a usability/human factors professional at Bell Labs, IBM, BMC Software where he built and managed the Usability Department, and an independent usability lab/consultancy. Co-editor of Cost-justifying Usability, 2nd edition: An Update for the Internet Age (R. G. Bias and D. J. Mayhew, Eds., 2005), Randolph is an associate professor in the School of Information at the University of Texas.

Dave Evans Social Media Pioneer

Dave’s expertise is his ability to match marketing goals with consumer communications preferences. Dave co-founded HearThis.com and currently serves as Vice President, Social Media at Digital Voodoo (http://www.digital-voodoo.com), a marketing consultancy firm. Dave worked with GSD&M as Strategy Director for integrated communications, with Progressive Insurance Company as a product manager, and Jet Propulsion Laboratories/NASA as a systems analyst for the Voyager deep space exploration program. Dave holds a BS in physics and mathematics from the State University of New York/College at Brockport and serves on the Advisory Board with ad:tech and the Measurement and Metrics Council with WOMMA.

Eric Lawrence Interface Mastermind

Since the early flourishing of the Web, Eric has specialized in front-end design and development for Web and multimedia applications. He has created interfaces for big corporations who wanted something wicked cool (Warner Brothers, Dell, Disney, Toshiba), and for non-profits with accessibility as the primary concern. Half geek, half artist, and a little amateur anthropologist, he chases the balance between beauty, utility, and extra time to remodel his house.

Leisha Richardson Buzz Herald

Leisha’s love of words and writing brought her to Austin, Texas all the way from Michigan to seek a Masters degree from the University of Texas. Upon her arrival in Texas though, she happened upon the “dot com boom” and instead began a career in marketing communications that now spans nine years. Leisha’s current position is with S1 Corporation, as a marketing manger developing and managing both internal and external marketing programs that connect the global company and its customer base. Leisha has also freelanced as a public relations and communication specialist for a number of small companies in Texas. Family, words, nutrition, and travel are her greatest passions. She holds a BA English from Central Michigan University.

Carlton Jones The Money Man (CPA)

J. Carlton Jones is Vice President and CFO of Biometric Access Company. He is a CPA with six years of “big five” accounting firm experience and over twenty five years of senior level corporate financial management experience. Mr. Jones has been involved in the development of start up companies and in the management of larger more complex organizations. His background includes extensive experience in raising capital, working capital management, systems and procedures, risk management, financial reporting, and strategic planning. And his real passion is mentoring men to help them formulate and execute their life vision.

Stephen Dulaney Web Community Extraordinaire

Stephen Dulaney leads SocialDynamX, a software development company specializing in experience architecture for social software. SocialDynamX's products integrate three pieces of software -- a blog publishing tool, web browser, and news aggregator -- into a single, easy-to-use, unified application. The next logical feature is a tool that makes podcasting as easy as personal web publishing. Because people have the pesky habit of being human and refuse to change their behavior, we must make it easy to accomplish their goals -- even if their goal is to unleash the social animal inside.

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History of Mikons.com and Mikonoclast, LLC

Mark, a bicycling fanatic, nearly fastened to his television (like most Texans and bicycle enthusiasts) watching the 2005 Tour De France, noticed something curious about Lance Armstrong’s time trial bike. The bike’s disk wheel was adorned with small icons, which Lance went on to later describe as the representation of his life journey. At the same time (okay not while watching the race) Mark was reading about the social Web community phenomenon, and coupled with his own passion to encourage people to boldly live their life’s vision, presto the idea for Mikons.com was born. Mark and his wife Kenna took this idea of building a Web community where people could come and create their own Mikons (icons) and share them with their family and friends as well as connect with new people, and began to build a team that would bring the idea to life.

Now came the hard part, finding the person(s) to build the tool that would allow people to create, edit, and copy graphic images online. As with all great ideas the right people somehow always seem to gravitate toward them at just the right time. While looking for someone to help with the development and printing of the Mikons merchandise, the Smiths were introduced to Alan Watts, a drawing application expert that has created and licensed his content creation technology to companies like Mini Cooper and Nickelodeon. Alan happily took on the challenge of building the most advanced online vector editing graphic tool and breaking new ground on the World Wide Web.

Continuing their search for people that would provide input and aid in the development of the Mikon Machine™ tool, Web site, promotion, usability, as well as embrace the vision of this unique online community, Mark and Kenna proceeded to round out the team that would take Mikons.com to the world. Today the team members consist of Mark Smith, Founder and Visionary; Kenna Smith, Founder and Operations Manager; Alan Watts, the developer of the Mikon Machine™; Dr. Randolph Bias, usability and human factors expert; Stephen Dulaney, Web community expert; Dave Evans, social media marketing advisor; Eric Lawrence, Web Interface expert; Leisha Richardson, marketing writer and publicist, and Carlton Jones, CPA.

The team worked in concert together to launch Mikons.com in a limited release by invitation only on April 26, 2006. Mikons.com will be launched worldwide on June 5, 2006.

Stay tuned for more as Mikons.com makes real history in the 21st Century!

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